Falling in love with your boss… Awkward much?

He walked to me, staring. He grabbed my head and pushed his lips towards mine. I felt a surge of energy rush through me. So many questions. How did I get here? Why does it feel so good?

He kissed me passionately for what felt like a lifetime, running his hands through my hair, up and down my back. He smelt so good. I always noticed his smell at work. Distinctive, warm.

He scattered kisses all along my jaw, along my neck with the pace gradually increasing. He lifted me onto the kitchen worktop. He spread open my legs and moved his body in between them. His hands were on my thighs and my hands around his neck.  I remember the feeling of kissing him, it was so passionate. He was kissing me like he wanted me. He was running his hands up and down my back scratching his nails against my skin sending shivers up my spine.  Moving from my thighs, to my back and around my waist, simultaneously. My hands were moving from his neck, through his hair to over his shoulders.

I had pushed on his chest, signalling that I wanted him to move. He broke away from me and I jumped down from the worktop. I undone his belt buckle and unbuttoned his trousers. He always wore the best suits. His fashion sense was impeccable – clean, fresh and sleek.

His trousers fell to his ankles and he turned me around and pulled my blouse over my head. He was touching me all over. I undone my bra and let it fall to the floor.

He pulled his shirt off, we’re stood there in our underwear. He picked me up kissing me and took me to the bedroom. The climbed on top of my body kissing me. He pulled off my underwear and entered me. Wow. He felt so good inside me. He moved slowly and intensely, staring at me as he did.

He would play with rhythms, going slow then speeding up then thrusting deep. I flipped him over so I was on top of him. I pushed him inside of me. He was so hard and it felt so, so good. I moved slow, angling my hips so he felt everything. I moved slowly back and forth I could hear his breathing getting heavier. This lasted a few minutes.

Maybe it was because he was so close I don’t know but he stopped me. He flipped me over and walked over to his wardrobe. He took out one of his ties and attempted to tie my feet together. This was new to me. Very new.

Scared you too might be falling for your boss? Maybe you should take a watch of this video to put your mind at ease…

He told me it would feel good. He tied my feet up so they were side by side. I was sat on the side of the bed when he lifted me up. He took my place sitting down and he asked me to sit on him. He was inside me, my back facing him and my feet tied up. He took hold of my hips and bounced me up and down. He told me he wanted to come with me, together. As he was inside me he was moving my hips whichever way he wanted. I could hear him moan in my ear.  His hands were running all over my chest as I grinded my hips on top of him. He would occasionally tug on my hair causing my neck to arch itself into the gap between his face and his shoulder. I loved him, always had. This was the best sex I ever had.  Tying up my feet had put my hips in a certain position meaning he could get deeper. He was amazing. He went slow and fast and deep and hard.

We stayed there, in that position until we both came together. Wow. I really do love 色情.

The next day at work was different, it’s strange when you’re in love with your boss.


A girl on girl escort experience that changed my life

She was 5ft 3, the perfect 10. Black wavy hair cascading down her back. She was wearing a black dress, tight to her body. Skin was olive, sun kissed. She stood with her back to me. Her curves were visible to everyone. Everyone was staring. She was confident. Her heels helped the definition in her calves. She stood at the bar, with her friend. Her friend, equally as pretty.

She turned slightly showing her from a side profile. Her chest was small, it suited her body. I could tell she was confident.

She had blue eyes, her lips were red. Big.

I knew I wanted this girl and I knew that she was the one of the most incredible VIP escorts I had ever laid eyes on.

I had kissed her lips. She didn’t kiss me back. I knew it was her first time. Kissing a girl that is, this became ever more apparent when she whispered into my ear “A man would certainly have been my first choice, but you certainly are too tempting to ignore.”

I backed away and looked her in the eye – she stared at me. I kissed her again. She opened her mouth slightly to welcome my lips.

I ran my hand down her body and over her hips. I kissed her in between each motion. I ran my hand up her dress touching her. I could feel how wet she was. I moved her underwear out of the way as I ran my fingers over her. She was gasping in my ear. I knew she had never been touched by another girl before.

As I pressed my fingers inside her I could feel her body tightening. She was standing close to me with her arms around my neck. I knew I was teasing her but I couldn’t stop myself. I find it a challenge, to see which straight girls I can get. All it takes it polite conversation and a few compliments. I only go for the beautiful ones. No point wasting time on 7’s. I always want the 10’s.

So here we were. I liked this girl I couldn’t deny it.

She was insanely beautiful, maybe older than me too.

She whispered into my ear a sentence that I wasn’t expecting to hear..

Tie me up’.

Her hotel was around 4 minutes from the bar. The taxi arrived and took us there. In the lift we stood on opposite sides, the tension was building. She was smiling at me, me at her.

She took me to her room and told me what she wanted to do with me. She told me she wanted to be tied up. She wanted me to be control. I really liked this girl.

I opened the wardrobe and found her robe. I pulled the material belt that was draped through the holes around the waist.

She was sat at the dressing table watching me in the mirror. I walked over, she dropped her hands to her sides. I gently pulled at her wrists bringing them behind the chair. I began to tie her hands behind her back, pulling the material tighter until it couldn’t be released.

I turned to face her and her eyes were wide. She was enjoying me. Enjoying this.

I found ribbon on the dressing table, tied up her ankles loosely to the chair legs.

I ran my hands up her thighs, my lips following. My face was in between her legs. I glanced up at her – yes she was definitely a 10. She stared back at me. Lusting. Sex is the best thing in the world but lust is just too good.

I ran my tongue along her underwear. Red lace underwear, which I adore. I used my hands to move it to the side and flicked my tongue across her.

I could hear her moaning. My tongue pressed against her, I was licking and sucking. She tasted good.

I definitely picked the right person. She definitely liked to be tied up.

I could feel her wetness. She was wriggling, trying to loosen the knot.

She wanted more.

Tied up by an escort: The best thing I have ever done

Hiring an escort was the best thing I ever did. Yeah I know it may seem a bit out of the ordinary to say it like that but it was.

See, I never really knew what good sex felt like. I hadn’t really made love before. Ive had around 3 serious relationships in my whole life. I’m in my 40’s now. Never been married. Never had kids.

The sex has always been really plain, really vanilla. Missionary position and the occasional ‘let me do it from behind’.


All of my friends are either married or divorced and don’t really talk about their sex life. When they do I know they’re lying..

Sex is so passionate’, ‘we made love to a power ballad, and he laid out candles’.


I’m a middle aged woman and I can sense bullshit from a mile off.

I overheard a few people talking about hiring an escort and I’ve always wondered how it would be. Would it change the way I see sex? Would it frighten me? Natural reactions of course.

It was the best thing I did. It made me realise I didn’t want to settle for boring sex or mediocre relationships. I want passion and love and warmth and really fucking good orgasms.

The escort I hired was of course, younger than me. I chose him, completely my choice.

It was a good choice.

He was at least 6ft 2, he had the most perfectly chiselled face and his jaw line was sharp.

The light rippled off his muscles, with every movement he made it highlighted how hard he worked on his body.

He wore a white shirt with the first two buttons undone. His trousers were dark blue, hugging his thighs. The black leather belt cemented the ‘I-mean-business kind of look’.

We sat down on the bed. I poured him a drink of course. Whisky maybe? Hotel room of course.

Fuck he was beautiful.

He asked me what I wanted. I told him I didn’t know. I told him I’m fed up of boring sex and told him to ‘excite me’. Fucking hell, I don’t know why I said that.

He gave me a guided tour of his body. He told me to sit back on the bed and watch him. He took his clothes off, unbuttoning his shirt first. He was giving me eye contact throughout. Didn’t know whether I enjoyed it or not. Intense.

He swiped his belt off after loosening the buckle. Big silver buckle.

I stood up and walked over to him. I kept thinking he was an escort, thinking it should halter me but I knew that I wanted him. It didn’t matter at that point.

I unbuttoned his trousers and went to kiss him. He turned his head.


He asked me again what I wanted him to do. I told him again that I didn’t know.

He directed me to the bed. Told me to sit upright against the headboard. He took his belt from the end of the bed and asked me whether I liked to be tied up.

‘Tied up’.

An escort asking me if I liked to be tied up.

Too fucking right.

He took my hands and with his belt tightened them against the bed. My hands were above my head and I felt completely helpless. Not in control. Not making the moves. I loved it.

He pulled down my skirt, pulled down his trousers. He undressed us. I was nervous. Being tied up stops you from trying to control everything.

He showed me a few things. Hell, he did a few things. After a few minutes of letting him touch me wherever he wanted I lost all sense of nervousness. I was tied up. I liked being tied up.

I let him do everything. He was gentle and sensual and sexy. He was an escort.


I was never going to settle for anything less that great after that night. I want to cum every time.

Hiring an escort made me realise that. Plus, I like being tied up.

When an ordinary girl turns dirty

The room was dark, candles lit.

I couldn’t see much, my eyes followed the dim light. Music was playing in the background, soft and mellow. The room is big, the bed sits directly in the middle underneath the window. The linen is white and crisp and pillows rest against the tall velvet headboard.

The candles smell like rose, light and clean. The smell of fresh air. Everything about this night was fresh. Fresh as in new. I’m an ordinary girl, I do ordinary things. Not tonight.

This night was different. He was different. I hadn’t seen him for a few days. He had left me a letter setting out instructions. It was left on the table as I walked in. I followed them, taking off my coat and leaving my shoes at the door.

I walked up the stairs which lead me to my bedroom.

The candles created a glow but I could see that he wasn’t there.

The note said that I needed to untie my hair and lay on the bed fully clothed. I waited.

Kisses start from behind my ear, warm and firm. Working his way down my neck. Scattering the kisses across my collarbone, he’s biting me – I like it. He runs his hands through my hair as his kisses move over my chest. I think about the paper telling me to untie my hair, now I know why.

He’s pulling on it causing my neck to arch into the pillow. I can feel myself heating up. His kisses run over my nipples, biting slowly and gently moving my clothes away as he does.

He unbuttons my shirt and gets on top of me – I can feel him pressing into me. Hard.

He takes both hands and unclips my bra as I’m still laying there. We don’t say anything, not even one word. We don’t need to. The paper told me I wasn’t allowed but that didn’t even come into my mind. I was letting him take full control.

He sits me up, pulls my shirt from my shoulders and gently takes off my bra. He kisses my shoulder – I can feel a surge of energy run through me. I don’t want to have sex – I want to fuck.


The sex that I’ve had before has always been boring – because I’m ordinary right. I don’t spend my time thinking about sex and I don’t spend much of my time actually doing it. I’ve only had sex with 4 people in my entire life and I’ve never fucked anyone.

His mouth is running below my belly button, running his tongue along my pelvic bones. He takes off my trousers with one swift movement my button is undone and my clothes are in a heap on the floor.

He’s fully clothed and I’m wearing nothing but my underwear. He pulls them off whilst biting my inner thighs.

I remember the note saying that after the last piece of clothing comes off I need to close my eyes.

I did.

I can hear shuffling, the music is still playing in the background and the candle light is still flickering.

I wait for what feels like a lifetime.

I feel him climb onto the bed, I adjust my body to make him realise that I am ready for whatever he wants to do to me. I’m ready to fuck.

With one thrust I can feel him deep inside me. I shriek out I can feel him on top of me grunting. He’s so deep. And so hard. He’s going so fast, I’m gripping the pillows beside me – arms spread out to my side. His hands holding onto the tops of my thighs. My eyes are still closed, his speeding up. My mind is whizzing 1000 miles an hour this is so good. He’s so rough..

His grip on my legs are getting tighter. I’m so close. He’s so close. I can feel my body tensing..

His phone rings. Fuck.

We know who’s calling. Who always calls.

He stops. I stop.

He needs to go home to his wife now.

Guess I’m not that ordinary after all.