When an ordinary girl turns dirty

The room was dark, candles lit.

I couldn’t see much, my eyes followed the dim light. Music was playing in the background, soft and mellow. The room is big, the bed sits directly in the middle underneath the window. The linen is white and crisp and pillows rest against the tall velvet headboard.

The candles smell like rose, light and clean. The smell of fresh air. Everything about this night was fresh. Fresh as in new. I’m an ordinary girl, I do ordinary things. Not tonight.

This night was different. He was different. I hadn’t seen him for a few days. He had left me a letter setting out instructions. It was left on the table as I walked in. I followed them, taking off my coat and leaving my shoes at the door.

I walked up the stairs which lead me to my bedroom.

The candles created a glow but I could see that he wasn’t there.

The note said that I needed to untie my hair and lay on the bed fully clothed. I waited.

Kisses start from behind my ear, warm and firm. Working his way down my neck. Scattering the kisses across my collarbone, he’s biting me – I like it. He runs his hands through my hair as his kisses move over my chest. I think about the paper telling me to untie my hair, now I know why.

He’s pulling on it causing my neck to arch into the pillow. I can feel myself heating up. His kisses run over my nipples, biting slowly and gently moving my clothes away as he does.

He unbuttons my shirt and gets on top of me – I can feel him pressing into me. Hard.

He takes both hands and unclips my bra as I’m still laying there. We don’t say anything, not even one word. We don’t need to. The paper told me I wasn’t allowed but that didn’t even come into my mind. I was letting him take full control.

He sits me up, pulls my shirt from my shoulders and gently takes off my bra. He kisses my shoulder – I can feel a surge of energy run through me. I don’t want to have sex – I want to fuck.


The sex that I’ve had before has always been boring – because I’m ordinary right. I don’t spend my time thinking about sex and I don’t spend much of my time actually doing it. I’ve only had sex with 4 people in my entire life and I’ve never fucked anyone.

His mouth is running below my belly button, running his tongue along my pelvic bones. He takes off my trousers with one swift movement my button is undone and my clothes are in a heap on the floor.

He’s fully clothed and I’m wearing nothing but my underwear. He pulls them off whilst biting my inner thighs.

I remember the note saying that after the last piece of clothing comes off I need to close my eyes.

I did.

I can hear shuffling, the music is still playing in the background and the candle light is still flickering.

I wait for what feels like a lifetime.

I feel him climb onto the bed, I adjust my body to make him realise that I am ready for whatever he wants to do to me. I’m ready to fuck.

With one thrust I can feel him deep inside me. I shriek out I can feel him on top of me grunting. He’s so deep. And so hard. He’s going so fast, I’m gripping the pillows beside me – arms spread out to my side. His hands holding onto the tops of my thighs. My eyes are still closed, his speeding up. My mind is whizzing 1000 miles an hour this is so good. He’s so rough..

His grip on my legs are getting tighter. I’m so close. He’s so close. I can feel my body tensing..

His phone rings. Fuck.

We know who’s calling. Who always calls.

He stops. I stop.

He needs to go home to his wife now.

Guess I’m not that ordinary after all.

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