A girl on girl escort experience that changed my life

She was 5ft 3, the perfect 10. Black wavy hair cascading down her back. She was wearing a black dress, tight to her body. Skin was olive, sun kissed. She stood with her back to me. Her curves were visible to everyone. Everyone was staring. She was confident. Her heels helped the definition in her calves. She stood at the bar, with her friend. Her friend, equally as pretty.

She turned slightly showing her from a side profile. Her chest was small, it suited her body. I could tell she was confident.

She had blue eyes, her lips were red. Big.

I knew I wanted this girl and I knew that she was the one of the most incredible VIP escorts I had ever laid eyes on.

I had kissed her lips. She didn’t kiss me back. I knew it was her first time. Kissing a girl that is, this became ever more apparent when she whispered into my ear “A man would certainly have been my first choice, but you certainly are too tempting to ignore.”

I backed away and looked her in the eye – she stared at me. I kissed her again. She opened her mouth slightly to welcome my lips.

I ran my hand down her body and over her hips. I kissed her in between each motion. I ran my hand up her dress touching her. I could feel how wet she was. I moved her underwear out of the way as I ran my fingers over her. She was gasping in my ear. I knew she had never been touched by another girl before.

As I pressed my fingers inside her I could feel her body tightening. She was standing close to me with her arms around my neck. I knew I was teasing her but I couldn’t stop myself. I find it a challenge, to see which straight girls I can get. All it takes it polite conversation and a few compliments. I only go for the beautiful ones. No point wasting time on 7’s. I always want the 10’s.

So here we were. I liked this girl I couldn’t deny it.

She was insanely beautiful, maybe older than me too.

She whispered into my ear a sentence that I wasn’t expecting to hear..

Tie me up’.

Her hotel was around 4 minutes from the bar. The taxi arrived and took us there. In the lift we stood on opposite sides, the tension was building. She was smiling at me, me at her.

She took me to her room and told me what she wanted to do with me. She told me she wanted to be tied up. She wanted me to be control. I really liked this girl.

I opened the wardrobe and found her robe. I pulled the material belt that was draped through the holes around the waist.

She was sat at the dressing table watching me in the mirror. I walked over, she dropped her hands to her sides. I gently pulled at her wrists bringing them behind the chair. I began to tie her hands behind her back, pulling the material tighter until it couldn’t be released.

I turned to face her and her eyes were wide. She was enjoying me. Enjoying this.

I found ribbon on the dressing table, tied up her ankles loosely to the chair legs.

I ran my hands up her thighs, my lips following. My face was in between her legs. I glanced up at her – yes she was definitely a 10. She stared back at me. Lusting. Sex is the best thing in the world but lust is just too good.

I ran my tongue along her underwear. Red lace underwear, which I adore. I used my hands to move it to the side and flicked my tongue across her.

I could hear her moaning. My tongue pressed against her, I was licking and sucking. She tasted good.

I definitely picked the right person. She definitely liked to be tied up.

I could feel her wetness. She was wriggling, trying to loosen the knot.

She wanted more.

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